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I am a director, deviser, teaching artist and sometime writer based in Washington, DC.


Throughout my career, I have strived to create theatre that addresses deep and difficult questions about our current reality. I want to make plays that turn spectators into witnesses: where they encounter an extraordinary story in such a way that they feel altered by, and responsible towards, what they have seen. I cherish work like Moisés Kaufman's The Laramie Project, or Yael Farber's Molora. These directors touch on large social and political issues by sharing incredibly human stories in theatrical ways. I want to use the liveness of theatre to form a sense of community and urgency around these stories.


I am interested in simultaneously building bridges between people and helping my audiences see the gaps between us that we have to traverse. I am interested in work that requires us to acknowledge our presence in a live event, consider our purpose within it, and thus begin to consider our place in a larger community or conversation.


I currently serve as Assistant Professor of Theatre and Theatre Coordinator at CCBC Catonsville. I am running the campus' theatre program, teaching a heavy courseload and directing for the college season.


My scholarly research focuses on directing, witnessing theory, relational antagonism, and audience participation. I am currently conducting research on how participatory theatre can combat White Supremacy. I have been published in the Journal of Dramatic Theory & CriticismTheatre Topics, and HowlRound, and presented at various conferences.


As director, my work has been seen in New York, Chicago, London, Boston and Baltimore. I am the former Artistic Director of Examined Man Theatre, a New York-based non-profit theatre company dedicated to developing plays based on true stories. We took testimonial material from newspapers, interviews and other texts and molded stories in a variety of unique forms from solo-performance to revenge tragedy to musical. I have directed with the Old Vic New Voices, Bridge Rep, Living Room Playmakers, Fresh Ink, and many others.


I hold a MFA in Directing at Northwestern University. My thesis was on creating witnesses in the theater, and I have special concentrations in civic engagement and adaptation of classical texts. For my final directing project, I combined all of these areas to create Thou Proud Dream, a site-specific adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry V exploring the necessity and ethics of America's military discourse.


As an assistant, I travelled internationally with the award-winning South African director Yael Farber on her acclaimed production of Molora, her adaptation of The Oresteia set within her country's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I also spent three seasons with Red Bull Theater, New York's home for Jacobean theater.


You can check out my full resume on the Resume Page, or click on the Gallery Page to view some my past productions. And if you want to know what is coming up for me, check out my News Page.

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