Adapted from HENRY V by Damon Krometis

Written by Jenni Lamb

Leroy is back from his depolyment in Iraq. Hoping for some inspiration for his highly-antipicated homecoming speech (and some respite from the unnerving memories replaying in his head), Leroy turns to his favorite war story HENRY V. He conjures the magnetic king Henry and follows him on his epic journey towards glory. But the belligerent specters that patrol Leroy's mind want him to stop fantasizing and face his own story.


Staged outside the American Legion Post 42 on the Canal Shores Community Golf Course in Evanston, IL, THOU PROUD DREAM engages with Shakespeare's play to expore the tension between the ways we talk about war and the memories of those men and women who fight for our country.


May 30 - June 7, 2014

Canal Shores Community Golf Course

Part of The Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts at Northwestern University's SITE Festival of site specific theater.


Photos by Justin Barbin and Shawn Ketchum Johnson

Scenic Design: Shawn Ketchum Johnson

Costume Design: Carolyn Rose Sullivan

Lighting Design: Maya Fein

Sound Design: Kevin O'Donnell

Stage Manager: Miranda Anderson



Selina Fillinger, Aaron Simon Gross, David Kern, Adam King, Matt Kuyawa, Brett Matthews, Liam McShane, Cemre Paksoy, Jessie David Perez, Gus Schlanbusch, Jared Sprowls, Meghan Stanton, Joseph Sultani, Isabel Thompson 

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