Created by Dori Robinson

Written by Dori Robinson, Betsy Goldman, and Joshua Platt

They were twins. Inseparable. But when Mabry suddenly dies, Thrace goes on a journey into the underworld to save his sibling and learn a closely guarded truth. Based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this immersive production updates the story to address issues of loneliness and suicide within the trans community. It is a powerful statement on being an ally and learning to listen.


July 19 - 21, 2019

Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Spaces

Produced by Alight Theatre Guild


Photos by Louise Hamill

Scenic Design: Tracie Ewing

Costume Design: Erica Desautels

Lighting Design: Sara Rozene

Sound Design: Damon Krometis

Props Design: Courtney Bottomley

Puppetry/Mask: Jonathan Zautner

Stage Manager: Drew Donoghue



Betsy Goldman, Arthur Gomez, Kira Helper, Grace Kuffner, Hayden Lombardozzi, Johnny Nichols Jr. LaToya Robinson & Toni Turilli

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