Written by Kira Rockwell

The eccentric Echo family has lived under the roof of one continuously mobile RV for years, but as they prepare for the birth of their newest member, they make temporary roots in a rural Texas town believed to harness great magic. When Bridgette, the oldest daughter, strikes up a romance with a local, motorcycle riding cowboy who shares her affinity for Shakespeare, she awakens a side of herself she never knew and begins to imagine a life outside her family. Nomad Americana is a coming of age tale about finding your voice, the search for authentic connection, and the genuine love of one blended, American family.


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February 2 - 17, 2018

Boston Playwrights' Theatre

Produced by Fresh Ink Theatre


Photos by Paul Fox

Scenic Design: Baron Pugh

Costume Design: Chelsea Kerl

Lighting Design: Jessica Krometis

Sound Design: Elizabeth Cahill

Props Design: Julia Fioravanti

Stage Manager: Ariel Welch

Dramaturg: Sarah Brookner



Khloe Alice Lin, Janelle Mills, Nick Perron, Ivy Ryan, Jeff Song

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