by Federico Garcia Lorca

Translated by Caridad Svich

Following the death of her husband, aging matriarch Bernarda Alba imposes eight years of cloistered mourning on her five unmarried daughters. Behind the house's barred windows and away from their mother's prying eyes, the five imprisoned women violently yearn for freedom, which they project onto a young and duplicitous suitor, Pepe el Romano, who is set to marry the oldest daughter, Angustias. As Bernarda holds an iron grip on her children, a storm of secret desires threatens to tear this house to the ground.


The House of Bernarda Alba sold out nearly every performance, as the Emerson College community turned to the arts in the days following the shocking election results. You can read about it here.


November 10-13, 2016

Greene Theater

Presented by Emerson Stage


Photos courtesy of Emerson Stage.

Scenic Design: Connor O'Leary

Costume Design: Daylee Reichenbach

Lighting Design: Mitchell Girgasky

Sound Design: Jeremy Stein

Stage Manager: Michelle Slivinski

Dramaturg: Josh Platt



Morgan Capodilupo, Josephine Cooper, Kelley Davies, Patricia de la Garza, Ashley Dixon, Elisha Dumont, Maria Fernandez-Gonzalez, Claire Gomes, Emma Hausler, Rio Hunter Black, Katherine Klein, Nicole Ledoux, Juliet Perrell McCarthy, Madison Moderhack, Mona Moriya, Eloise O'Keefe, Hannah Riffe, & Nina Rodriguez

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