by Damon Krometis

"Great theater. Damon Krometis provides exceptional staging." -John Jordan,


Nominated for a 2007 NY Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance


Based on a true story, Thinking Makes It So is a one-man play which follows Sean, a former frat boy who is struggling with nightmares brought on by a traumatic and controversial incident from college. Alone on a stage, he introduces us to members of  his cadre of close male friends. As each man shares his opinion of the event, friendships begin to break until Sean is left alone to face his friend’s judgments and find his own salvation.


April 11 - 22, 2007

Center Stage, NY

Produced by Examined Man Theatre


Photos by Damon Krometis

Designs by Damon Krometis

Stage Manager: Christine Fisichella



Starring Joe Curnutte

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