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Sitting on the Couch: the Conundrum of Spectatorship in Jackie Sibblies Drury's FAIRVIEW
From the Fall 2022 edition of the Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism.

Inspired by Simone Browne’s concept of “racializing surveillance” Jackie Sibblies Drury’s Fairview challenges what Dorinne Kondo’s calls “racial spectatorship”: the psychic violence caused by white spectators’ hegemonic power within predominantly white theatre spaces. The play invites white spectators on stage to “sit on the couch” and be viewed racially by nonwhite spectators, potentially estranging them from their spectatorial privilege. But this invitation contains an inherent conundrum; white spectators “sitting on the couch” is both central to the play’s dramaturgy and its central problem, highlighting white supremacy’s residual permanence.
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Dissonant Witnessing: The "In" and "Above" of THOU PROUD DREAM
From the Fall 2016 edition of Theatre Topics.

How does a director create witnesses in the theatre? What aesthetic and storytelling tools best cultivate an experience where spectators feel emotionally and ethically transformed into the role of a witness? Theories on witnessing largely hinge on how a spectator is positioned between two modes of perception, which Dwight Conquergood describes as being “above the object of inquiry” and “in the thick of things.” Much of my research centers on how a director actively uses these modes of “in” and “above” within a performance to induce witnessing. I attempted to apply these ideas through my MFA thesis production of Thou Proud Dream, a site-specific, promenade adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry V.
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My ongoing blog series for HowlRound, entitled The Audience Position, explores how tools of interactive theatre can promote social awareness and audience repsonsibility. I hope it leads to further discussions about how interactive and immersive theater can spark conversations about strengthening our communities.


Read the first post here, introducing the series.


Post #2 talks about point of view and the audience contract.


Post #3 discusses how much agency to give an audience.


Post #4 explores the power of proximity and distance.


Post #5 examines what it means to watch other audience members.


Post #6 dissects Company One/ArtsEmerson's production of An Octoroon.


In Post #7 I share my experience trying to figure out how to get an audience to collaborate within a performance.


My Plays

Here you can download pdf's of the plays I have written and devised.


NOTE: If you are interested in any of my plays for production, you must contact me and request a licensing agreement. No productions are allowed without written approval and paying appropriate royalties.

When In Disgrace (Haply I Think on Thee)
Inspired by a true story, this modern day verse play follows three teenagers torn apart by jealousy, betrayal, and ultimately, love.
WID Production Draft.pdf
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Thinking Makes It So
This solo play follows Sean, a young man suffering from nightmares brought on by a traumatic sexual experience, as he embodies his best friends in the hopes of coming to terms with what happened.
Thinking Performance Draft 4-11-07.pdf
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The Light Inside
A look at the lives of six actors, exploring the moments when music and memory are inextricably linked, and celebrating the powerful gift that is song.
TLI Draft 10-10-10.pdf
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Apostates (A Work In Progress)
A modern retelling of The Renegado by Philip Massinger (1625). In a lawless country, a doubting Christian falls for a Muslim woman. Can their love survive the forces surrounding them?
Apostates 8-7-12.pdf
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Northwestern students discuss perceptions of diversity through interactive piece

A profile on A Thousand Words: An Interactive Performance on Diversity.


"When In Disgrace" gives Walden students dose of realism

A write-up on the regional premiere of my play When In Disgrace.


A Death in The Family

The Baltimore Sun covered the very first play I ever directed: No Regrets a one-act play I wrote loosely based on the death of my mother.





The Absence of Grace

In 2014, I joined the fight to allow a recent victim of bullying and suicide, Grace McComas, to be remembered at my former high school's graduation ceremony. This blog details everyone's efforts to change the school's mind.


Supporting Roles

I was interviewed for an American Theatre article on assistant directing.


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